Who's To Blame?
Ground Up








Who's To Blame?

Say It



Reveal The Healing at Stonehenge
Reveal the Healing
(Llanosmedia) The first full length interactive DVD is now available. It features 'Mantra' at Stonehenge music video, sample cuts from the upcoming album, in-depth interviews with the members, Pat performing a classic Spanish serenade, excerpts from 'Bach's Cello Suites' by Ronny, Dean's Mustang and a "Fishing with Mark' segment. A 'hidden' bonus feature of the 1974 Martial Arts movie 'Flaring Steel' starring the young Llanos Boys and appearance of David Peters, filmed and directed by Kenneth I. Knox Jr.  Also included is vintage 'Whatcha Believin, Who's To Blame?' and 'Ground Up' live in concert from 2003 Mysterioso Tour with Blue Oyster Cult and Uriah Heep. This DVD is jam-packed with over 30 years of material.


(Llanosmedia) is the 2002 demo recorded at their facility.  Fully self-produced by The LlanosBrothers, this CD marks the ‘Island Rock’ sound evident after two decades of refinement.  Songs include “Say It, LickCity, Vigilante, Don’t Leave Me Alone, Mysterioso, Tanaan Sa Tanaan (All in All), Island Call, Turbulent Love Affair, Who’s to Blame?, Whatcha Believin’” and “An Allegretto in E Minor (Ground Up)”.

“I just downloaded Who's To Blame. Man, that sounds great!! Very clean, precise playing...good tones...good licks...good work, guys! You should have a lot of deserved success with your new music.”
Roger Fisher, Heart

“The Llanos boys sold a lot of units and put on such a good show we had them on Blue Oyster Cult’s second show.  I love working with the brothers.”
Carl Pennington, PCI Concerts 

“The long awaited ‘Mysterioso’ had killer reviews in three local music periodicals.  It was as if one already knew their destiny, they definitely have the experience and track record...”
Guy Grayson, entertainment columnist The Gazette




Prince Of Assurance

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Black Tape
(Xanadu) was the 1993 3-song demo.  It was recorded and produced by Mike Tortorello and the LlanosBrothers at Triad, Seattle.  Songs include “Whatcha Believin’, Prince of Assurance” and “Ground Up” on cassette format.

“After the Black Tape radio interview the phones were ringing off the hook.  They loved these guys!”
Dave McCormick, KVTI FM 91.1

“Pat and Ronny knew what they wanted when they came in the studio.  It was a no nonsense approach to the project.  They did their homework and simplified everything which surprised me.”
Mike Tortorello, Triad Recording



Watchful Guards
Home Sweet Home
Don't Leave Me Alone

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Just an Illusion (Americus Records) the 1985 full length LP was recorded at Thunder Ranch Studios in N. Hollywood, CA.  Songs include “Watchful Guard, Don’t Leave Me Alone, At Roadside Affair, Just an Illusion, Home Sweet Home, A Turbulent Love Affair, For Mom and Dad” and “Prince of Assurance”.  It was produced by Tom Landon, Pete Parnegg and the LlanosBrothers, featuring James (Michael) Cargill on drums.

“The album pushed them into the A group (in income grossing) category.  They had a good track record and were given raises by concert promoters without being asked for it – which is rare in this business.”
Mary K. Moisio, Agent ’84-‘88

“I was moved when I heard Just an Illusion it for the first time.  It was something really new and fresh…”
James Adams, co-producer of David Lee Roth’s “California Girls” and “Miss America” pageants ’85 –‘87

“WATCHFUL GUARDS kicks off and is, for sure, the best song on the LP. This is a pure rock song with massive keys and good, fair high, singing. The first time I heard this great song, I thought I discovered a new rock sensation… the following 2 tracks are again better, but not as good as the opening track. AT ROADSIDE AFFAIRE is a nice ballad with lots of piano-keys and the title track JUST AN ILLUSION, although it's pure guitar orientated, has a great sing a long chorus and a fine arrangement. Great song. HOME SWEET HOME and A TURBULENT LOVE AFFAIR are both up-tempo songs and remind to the splendid opening track. Both songs have subtle keys, good guitars (some nice solo's towards the end) and are very enjoyable to listen to.”
Review by Willy van Buel, editor Strutter Magazine Hilversum, Netherlands




(No clips available)


Living in Rock and Roll (ROPAJIMA) was produced and recorded in 1982 at TJ Recording on a 45-rpm format.  Songs include, “Living in Rock and Roll” and “Blind Dates Seem Never too Fun”.  It was their first recording so availability is scarce.

“It was a fresh new experience working with the brothers.  Pat and Ron have awesome songwriting capabilities.  The songs are full of hooks…”
Tom Landon, TJ Recording

“I’ve followed them ever since their first release went public.  I knew Living in Rock and Roll was the beginning of something big.  Their record sales skyrocketed in ’83 which locally pushed them with the big boys…”
Terry Reed, Concert Promoter

“Oh music?  It’s in their blood...”
Lynn Ellsworth, Boogie Body Guitars

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