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The Llanos Expeditions is the love of researching and experiencing the unexplained mysteries of the world. Mark, Pat and Ronny take two annual excursions visiting remote places to further the appreciation of lost cultures, ruins and archeological sites based upon their music and the love of world history. Besides their world travels, they search for enigmatic mysteries and ancient pre-historical sites of the U.S. particularly those of the Pacific Northwest. If you would like to join any of the Llanos Expeditions please contact in advance.


June 13-20 2005
Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Chinchero, Machu Picchu (Inca ruins)
Cuzco - Tambomachay, Pukapukara, Q'enko, Saqsayhuaman (Inca ruins)
Lima - Ica, Nazca (Lineas de Nasca)
Feb 12 2006
Meeker mansion - The Meeker Mansion is a 17-room Italianate Victorian mansion located in Puyallup, Washington. It was built by Ezra Meeker, an entrepreneur and Puyallup's first mayor. In 1890 Meeker completed the impressive mansion to please his wife.
Apr 8-9 2006
Gold Hill - The Oregon Vortex (House of Mystery) an area of naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena.
Apr 15 2006
Bonney Lake - The Sky Stone, the monolith stone that ancestors of the Puyallup Indians used as an observatory. The markings on the surface was to locate stars, constellations and used  to predict seasonal changes by marking the sun's position.
May 26-29 2006
San Antonio - The Alamo, established in 1718, the first of five Spanish missions founded to Christianize and educate resident Indians. Ghost hunting with the Southwest Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Group. Natural Bridges, 'Old Tunnel' Bat Caves (Kendall County).
June 3-4 2006
Olympic Rainforest - Ozette Lake, Loop hike (10 mi.)
Pacific Coast - Cape Alava, Sand Point, Wedding Rocks (Ozette Indian petroglyphs).
June 16 2006
The MV Kalakala - was a Washington State Ferry which plied the waters of Puget Sound from 1935 until her retirement in 1967. She was notable for her unique streamlined hull, art deco styling, and luxurious amenities. It is currently under restoration at Hylebos waterway at the Tacoma tideflats.
July 29-30 2006
Republic - Stonerose Interpretive Center & Eocene Fossil Site. The site provides world class examples of Eocene plant and animal life.
Aug 2006 TBA
Canada's legendary water monster Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan in the south central interior of British Columbia much like the creature immortalized in Loch Ness. Before the whiteman came, the fearsome lake monster N'haaitk was well known to the superstitious Indians. Ogopogo lives in an underwater cave in the deep water off Squally Point, where the lake takes a sharp turn south to its outlet at Penticton.
Aug 5 2006
Orting - Coke Ovens, believed to have been constructed in 1888. The man-made "beehive" ovens were used to transform hard coal into coke. The "coking" process burnt impurities out of the coal. The end product -- coke -- was the best fuel source for the furnaces that were used to manufacture iron and steel. Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery
Sept 2-4 2006
Horsethief Butte & Columbia Hills State Park - Lewis & Clark trail and ancient Indian petroglyphs and cave paintings. Full size Stonehenge replica Maryhill, WA.
Dec 2006
(Pacific Science Center Seattle, WA)
Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls - Exhibit
The biblical texts are the earliest known manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament (Psalms, Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy, etc.).
Apr 20-21 2007
Trout Lake - The Gililland Ranch -Sky watching at the base of Mt. Adams. (weather permitting)
July 28 2007
(Victoria, BC)
The Titanic Artifact Exhibition - Royal BC Museum. This traveling exhibition features more than 280 artifacts recovered from Titanic's undersea resting place in a series of galleries that trace the life of the "unsinkable" ship - from its design and construction through to its discovery, recovery and conservation. Via the M/V Victoria Clipper, Seattle.
Aug 4-5 2007
Trout Lake - The Gililland Ranch -Sky watching at the base of Mt. Adams. (weather permitting).
Sept 4-14 2007
The Pyramids (Cheops, Khafre, Menkaure) & Sphinx at Giza, Kom Ombo, Philae Temple, the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings (West Bank), Karnak, Luxor Temple, the Colossi of Memnon at Thebes and Deir el Medina (Valley of the Workers). A visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cairo. Nile cruise to Aswan..    
Nov 30-Dec 2 2007
(Central Mexico)
Teotihuacan - located in the highlands of central Mexico. It used to be a thriving city and ceremonial center that predated the Aztecs by several centuries. Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, The Feathered Serpent (step pyramids) and the Avenue of the Dead. Shrine at Guadalupe, the most visited religious site in Latin America. In 1531 a 'Lady from Heaven' appeared to an Indian at Tepeyac, a hill northwest of Mexico City; she identified herself as the Mother of the True God, instructed him to have the bishop build a temple on the site and left an image of herself imprinted miraculously.
Apr 25- May 3 2008
(Easter Island)
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is the world's most isolated inhabited island belonging to Chile. It is home to the giant Moai stone statues and a collection of petroglyphs belonging to a culture that over populated and depleted natural resources resulting in their demise. Sites at Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongriki, Vinapu, Akivi, Naunau, Tahai and Orongo in the South Pacific.
Aug 26 2008
Littlerock - The Mima Mounds, mysterious formations found in fields in various parts of the world, including China, Alaska, and in this part of southwestern Washington.
Nov 6-17 2009
(Yucatan Peninsula)
Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Mayan sites; Coba, Tulum, Ek Balaam, Izamal, Celestun Reserve, Kinich Kak Moo, Kabah, Uxmal and Chichen Itza. Ik Kil the Sacred Blue Cenote of Chichen Itza and Merida. 15th Cent. Franciscan churces; San Antonio de Padua Convent and De Iglesia church at Uayma. Old Sisal factory at Yaxcopoil.
Jan 17-19 2009
(New Mexico, Colorado)
About two thousand years ago nomadic people began to live year round in villages and cultivate crops. The 'Anasazi' ancestors of the Pueblo Indians; eventually became accomplished farmers, architects, artisans, and traders. They lived across a broad area, including parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Aztec ruins near Farmington, Chaco Canyon, Salmon ruins and Mesa Verde.
 June 20-July 1 2009
(Kaua'i, Hawaii)
The folklore of many nations around the world include stories of magical little people. The most famous of course, are the leprechauns of Ireland. In Kaua'i, Hawaii, it is the mischievous Menehune who are said to haunt the deep forests and the mountains of Waimea Canyon. The Alekoko Fish Pond and The Menehune Ditch were sites that according to local legend, was built by The Menehune. Only a small portion of the engineering phenomena still remains. Archeologists say it was built before the Polynesians ever arrived on the island. Waimea Canyon, Haena, Hanalei, Kiluea, Kapaa, Lihue, Wailua River
 Dec 5-14 2009
The Parthenon, Acropolis, Agoras, the Temple of Zeus, the Theater of Dionysus and Keramikos (Athens), The Minoan ruins of Akrotiri (Santorini) and Knossos, Aptera, Phaistos, Malia, Elefterna (Crete). The Minoan culture is that part of the Greek civilization between about 3000 and 1000 BC, and largely centered on the island of Crete. The Minoans had a very advanced civilization. They had running water, sewers, buildings with multiple stories, paved streets and many other modern conveniences we have today. They were also the center of trade in the Mediterranean which helped them to amass a lot of wealth. Their wealth also afforded them the ability to pursue the arts resulting in incredible frescos and mosaics as well as sculptures.
Mar 3-6 2010
(Oaxaca, Mexico)
The Oaxaca valley has been inhabited for thousands of years. The ruins at San Jose Mogote (now just a collection of mounds), just a few kilometers north of Oaxaca Mexico dates back over 3 thousand years. The height of civilization in Oaxaca can be seen at the ruins of Monte Alban which are on a mountain overlooking Oaxaca City. Monte Alban seems to have been the dominant city in the area from around 450 BC to 700 AD. By 800 AD, the city of Monte Alban was abandoned while the cities of Mitla, Dainzu, Lambiteyco and Yagul continued to grow and prosper (at least until the arrival or conquest of the Spaniards). Tule, Tlacolula and Zaachila.
Apr 16-23 2010
(Ryukyu Isl., Japan)
Not far from the shore off the island of Yonaguni, south from Okinawa, they found a gigantic, pyramidal structure in 100 feet of water. In what appeared to be a ceremonial center of broad promenades and flanking pylons, the gargantuan building measures 240 feet long. They beheld long streets, grand boulevards, majestic staircases, magnificent archways, enormous blocks of perfectly cut and fitted stone - all harmoniously welded together in a linear architecture unlike anything they had ever seen before. Ancient castle ruins of; Katsuren, Nakijin, Zakimi, ect.
 Sept 14-21 2010
(Transylvania, Romania)
The land of Vlad Tepes III, known as the historical model of Count Dracula, Vlad the Impaler. He is considered a national hero in his native country. A fifteenth century voivode or prince of Wallachia of the princely House of Basarab. Vlad III Dracula is a Romanian national symbol of fight for independence against ottomans. Brasov, Bucharest, Peles & Pelisor Castles, Sinaia, Moeciu Village, Bran Castle, Snagov Isl, Transylvanian and Wallachian Forests.
 Dec 9-12 2010
(Cahokia, Collinsville, IL.)
At Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is preserved the central section of the largest prehistoric Native American city north of Mexico. Occupied from 700 to 1400 AD, the city grew to cover 4,000 acres, with a population of between ten and twenty thousand at its peak around 1100 AD. The site is dominated by the hundred-foot-tall Monks Mound, the largest prehistoric earthen mound in the Americas.
 Nov 3-11 2012
(Siem Reap, Cambodia)
Angkor Wat, Bayon, Baphoun, Ta Som, East Mebon, Lolei, Thommanon, Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Kbal Spean, Ta Prohm,

Bayon Preah Khan East Mebon Banteay Srei Kbal Spean Ta Prohm Lolei (Rolous) Victory Gate, Angkor Thom Baphoun Neak Poan Ta Som

Cahokia, IL.
Monks Mound Mound #60 Madonna and Child figurine Twin Mounds # 59 & #60 Life-size diorama of Cahokian Village, Museum The Woodhenge, calendar type sundial Me at Monks Mound during a Lightning Storm Mound #55 near the Interpretive Center Reconstructed Stockcade wall and Palisade Red oak Woodhenge center post Mound #51 Front of Monks Mound The Birdman artifact, Museum Mound #59 Excavation near Monks Mound Centerpost at the Woodhenge Deer near Mound #72 Excavated grave of 4 men South end of site Reconstructed picture of Cahokia Interpretive Center at Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site Backside of Monks Mound


Transylvania, Romania
Peles Castle Brasov Pelisor Castle Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest Statue of Vlad Teped III 'The Impaler', Bucharest 1st floor inside Pelisor Castle Front door knocker at Castle Bran Frescoes inside Snagov Monastery (Vlad Tepes burial place) Lion statue at Peles Castle Snagov Monastery (burial place of Vlad Tepes III) Transylvanian Forest, Sinaia The Black Church, Brasov The Black Church lit up at night, Brasov Inside Pelisor Castle The Secret Passage between 2nd and 4th floors of Castle Bran Brasov, Transylvania Orthodox Catholic Churfch, Bucharest Snagov Monastery Statue of a woman, Peles Castle Old town of Brasov Castle Bran Sinaia Church, Transylvania Brasov, Transylvania Carpathian Mtn. Range Inside Snagov Monastery Pic of Vlad Tepes III from Bran Castle Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest  Lintel above doorway at The Black Church, Brasov Knights armor at Castle Bran Inner court at Peles Castle Steeples at the Black Church, Brasov Stariway at Sinaia A well built by Vlad Tepes in the 14th Century, Snagov Monastery Transylvanian Forest Fresco from Sinaia Church The boat to Snagov Isl A room inside Pelisor Castle


Southern Japan
Zakimi Castle Uzi Beach rock quarry Shurijo Temple Shrine at Urasoe Youdore Nakagusku Castle Sonohyan Utaki Gate Southern Beach Jushu Tennyo-bashi Shurijo Castle gate Ancient pottery, Nakamura House Ushinujigama (cave) at Katsuren Castle Sefa Utaki (the most sacred place in Okinawa) Urasore Youdare (tomb of the kings) Shurijo Temple Shikina-En Uzi Beach rock quarry Suicide Cliff Nakamura House Zakimi Castle
Shiisha (lion/dog) at Shurijo Castle WWII Japanese Bunker, Kadena AFB Guard House at Shikina-En View of Kudaka Island from Seifa Utaki Me at Katsuren Castle Urasoe Youdare (tomb of the kings) Nakagusku Castle wall Enkakuji Temple 'Bridge of Nations Bell' Shurijo Castle Tatami Room at Nakamura House WWII Japanese Bunker Zakimi Castle Throne Room at Shurijo Temple Nakagusku Castle Shrine at Urasoe Youdare Temple foundation at Katsuren Castle Vase at Nakamura House Suimui Utaki Uzi Beach rock quarry Shurijo Castle wall

Mosaic frieze at Mitla Tomb entrance at Yagul 'Arbol del Tule' The tree at Tule' Stelae at Monte Alban Inner court at Mitla Ongoing excavations at Dianzu Inner court at Lambityeco Olmec artifact at Monte Alban Museum 2,000 yr old tree at Tule' Ball court at Yagul Toltec fresco at Mitla Top of the temple at Monte Alban Inside a tomb, Dianzu Catholic citadel at Mitla Structure at Monte Alban Ongoing excavation at Lambityeco Inside temple area, Mitla Tomb entrance at Yagul Stelae at Monte Alban Museum Mosaic frieze inside tomb at Mitla Ball court at Dainzu Monte Alban Unexcavated pyramid at Yagul Sarcoughagus at Monte Alban Muesum Ruins at Lambityeco Pyramid at Monte Alban Inside tomb at Mitla Heiroglyphics inside room at Monte Alban Walls at Dainzu

Herodus Atticus Odeum, Acropolis, Athens Epidavros Ruins
Inside 'Koules' Venetian fortress, Heraklion port, Crete Temple of Zeus (Olympic), Athens Inside the Basillica of St. Titus, Gortis, Crete Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens The 'Philosopher' marble statue, Delphi St. Andrews Monastery, Napflion Venetian Fort 'Koules', Heraklion, Crete Corinth Canal Ancient fountain, Heraklion, Crete Herodus Atticus Odeum, Acropolis, Athens Horns of the Minotaur, Knossos, Crete Temple of Apollo, Delphi The bronze  'Charioteer', Delphi Large containers, Phiastos Roman Baths, Delphi The 'Disk' from Phiastos, Heraklion Museum, Crete Lions Gate, Mycenae Proplylea, Acropolis, Athens Roman soldier helmet Bourtzi Castle, Napflion Porch of Maidens, Acropolis, Athens Sarcaughogus at Corinth, Peleponese Fresco at Knossos, Heraklion, Crete Inside entrance to underground cistern, Mycenae Hadrian's Arch, Athens Horns of the Minotaur statue, Knossos, Crete Spiral engraving on theatre seats, Phiastos, Crete Erecththeion, Acropolis, Athens Inside St. Minas Cathedral, Heraklion, Crete Epidavros Theatre Treasury of the Athenians, Delphi St. Andrews Monastery, Napflion Temple of Apollo, Corinth, Peleponese The Throne Room, Knossos, Crete Bull fresco from Knossos, Heraklion Museum, Crete Inside 'Koules' Venetian fortress, Heraklion port, Crete Ancient Venetian style fountain next to a modern day cafe', Heraklion, Crete Temple nof Athena, Delphi, Mt. Parnassos Ancient Venetian fort 'Koules', Heraklion, Crete St. Paul preached on this platform the 'Bema' (Acts 18:1-18) Corinth, Peleponese Bascilica of St. Titus, Gortis, Crete Propyla, Acropolis, Athens Water trough, Phiastos, Crete Theatre of Dionysus, Acropolis, Athens Large vessels (Pithoi), Knossos, Crete Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Mt. Parnassos Corinth, Peleponese Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens Lion Statue near Napflion, Crete Knossos, Crete Venetian style building, Heraklion, Crete Storeroom, Corinth, Peleponese Ongoing excavations under the Acropolis Museum, Athens Koules the Venetian fortress, Heraklion Port, Crete Venetian ship repair & shelter, Heraklion Port, Crete Atop 'Koules' Venetian fortress, Heraklion port, Crete


Rock formations above the Dry Caves Haena Beach Pat at Haena Beach The entrance to the Dry Caves Rock formations similar to Cenote 'Ik Kil' Yucatan Inside the Dry Caves, North side of island Entrance to the Dry Caves Dry Cave entrance Hill near the Wet Caves The Wet Caves (similar to Cenote 'Ik Kil' Yucatan) The Wet Caves Hanalei Valley Irrigation for Taro Fields, Hanalei Profile of the 'Sleeping Giant's' head from Wailua River Wailua River (filmed 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' here) Cave at the Fern Grotto The Alekoko Fish Pond The Alekoko Fish Pond Mountains near the Alekoko Fish Pond Waimea Canyon River near the Menehune Ditch Suspension bridge to the Menehune Ditch On the Suspension Bridge Sign to the Menehune Ditch Caves above the Menehune Ditch Rock formations at the Menehune Ditch Cave at The Menehune Ditch Ancient wall built by the Menehune, a pre-polynesian  leprechaun type culture The Ancient wall built by the Menehunes The Ancient wall built by the Menehunes The Ancient wall built by the Menehunes Ancient wall at the Menehune Ditch The Ancient wall built by the Menehunes State Historical plaque erected in 1928 at the Menehune Ditch


New Mexico

Driving through Chaco Canyon, New Mexico Chaco Canyon Fajada Butte Chaco Canyon Una Vida ruins Una Vida Una Vida Chacoan pottery, Chaco Culture Museum Una Vida  Hungo Pavi ruins Hungo Pavi Petroglyphs at Una Vida Hungo Pavi Hungo Pavi Hungo Pavi Hungo Pavi Pueblo Bonito ruins Pueblo Bonito Grinding Stone at Pueblo Bonito Pueblo Bonito Doorways at Pueblo Bonito Corner window at Pueblo Bonito Pueblo Bonito Large Kiva at Pueblo Bonito Pueblo Bonito Pueblo Bonito Chacoan pottery, Salmon Ruins Museum Pueblo Bonito Canyon wall near Chetro Ketl ruins Spiral petroglyph near Chetro Ketl ruins Chetro Ketl Chetro Ketl Large Kiva at Chetro Ketl Chetro Ketl Chaco Canyon and Fajada Butte Chacoan pottery, Salmon Ruins Museum Large Kiva at Chetro Ketl Chetro Ketl Pueblo Del Arroyo ruins Pueblo Del Arroyo Large Kiva at Pueblo Del Arroyo Log beam at Pueblo Del Arroyo
Petroglyphs at Una Vida Pueblo Del Arroyo Doorways at Casa Rinconada ruins Casa Rinconada Giant Kiva at Casa Rinconada Giant Kiva at Casa Rinconada Salmon Ruins, Bloomfield Salmon Ruins Salmon Ruins Aztec Ruins Aztec Ruins Inside ceiling at Aztec Ruins Aztec Ruins Aztec Ruins Kiva at Aztec Ruins Reconstructed Giant Kiva at Aztec Ruins Inside reconstructed Giant Kiva at Aztec Ruins Inside reconstructed Giant Kiva at Aztec Ruins



Pyramid at Coba Skull carving near Ball Court at Coba ruins Ball Court at Coba ruins Temple at Coba ruins Stelae at Coba ruins Observatory at Coba Nooch Mul pyramid at Coba (tallest in the Yucatan 140 ft) Climbing Nooch Mul at Coba Tulum ruins Tulum Tulum on the Carribbean Sea Tulum ruins Tulum ruins Tulum on the Carribbean Mayan Dancers Ek Balam (Dark, Black Jaguar) ruins Ek Balaam ruins Ek Balaam ruins Inside Ek Balaam De la Iglesia Church at Uayma San Antonio de Padua Convent at Izamal Fresco at San Antonio de Padua, Izamal Gold Altar at San Antonio de Padua, Izamal Kinich Kak Moo pyramid at Izamal At Yaxcopoil Pyramid at Uxmal Pyramid at Uxmal Uxmal ruins Uxmal Ball court ring, Uxmal Where they crown the new King, Uxmal Govenor's House, Uxmal Main pyramid at Uxmal Kabah ruins Cistern at Kabah Kabah ruins Kabah ruins Kabah Celestun, the largest Flamingo reserve in the world Boat expedition through the Celestun Mangroves Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza Chichen Itza Ball court ring, Chichen Itza Skulls heiroglyphics on a wall, Chichen Itza Observatory at Chichen Itza Nooch Mul at Chichen Itza Plaza of Warriors, Chichen Itza Plaza of Warriors, Chichen Itza Nooch Mul at Chichen Itza Ik Kil, The Sacred Blue Cenote of Chichen Itza Ik Kil, The Sacred Blue Cenote of Chichen Itza Cistern at Ek Balaam Hallway at San Antonio de Padua Convent, Izamal

Easter Island

Row of Moai at Tahai Ancient wall and dwelling at Vinapu Moai at downtown Hanga Roa Single Moai north of Tahai Moai replica at Hanga Roa Unusual kneeling Moai (one-of-a-kind) Birdman petroglyphs and Motu Nui Island, Orongo The famous 7 Moai at Aku Akivi (center of the island) Southern Coast, Vaihu  Unfinished Moai still carved in mountainside, Rano Raraku Ovahe Beach (Pink sand beach) Moai quarry, Rano Raraku Local Rapa Nui dancer, Hanga Roa Rano Kao crater (extinct volcano) Toppled Moai at Vaihu (south coast) Pukao (topknot) on the shore at Viahu Moai at Vaihu (south coast) Birdman petroglyphs and Motu Nui Island, Orongo Moai at Anakena Beach Ancient dwelling, Northwest coast Complete Moai with Pukao (topknot) and eyes, Tahai Rano Kao crater (extinct volcano) Show a little Moai love, Rano Raraku Moai at Anakena Beach  Row of giant Moai at Tongariki, (south coast)  Unusual statue, Vaihu Wall masonry, Vinapu (similar to Machu Picchu)
 Ancient wall & dwelling at North West Coast Looking from Rano Raraku Ancient fondation on NW Coast Cave on the NW Coast Bird Man Competition starting point, Orongo Boat shaped dwelling, Tahai Rock wall at Vinapu The largest Moai in the world, unfinished, Rano Raraku Pukao (topknots) at Puna Pau quarry
Cave at Ovahe Beack (Pink sand beach) Odd shaped hole found throughout the island Moai at Anakena Beach (white sand beach) Moai w/ pukao at Tongariki Bird man heiroglyphics at Orongo Ancient rock formation leading to Moai, Vaihu Complete Moai at Tahai Moai at center of the island, Aku Akivi Moai and view of Rano Raraku from Tongariki Rano Raraku Tahai Hanga Roa Toppled Moai at Vinapu Circle of stones, Vinapu Moai at Rano Kau Puna Pau Moai head at NW Coast Heiroglyphics at Orongo


Central Mexico

Temple of Quezacotal, Teotihuacan Inside Temple of Quetzacotal Temple masonry Temple of Quezacotal, Teotihuacan Outside Temple (living quarters) Toltec flooring Mark inside Temple of Quetzacotal Inner court, Temple of Quezacotal Inside Temple of Quetzalcotal Inner court, Temple of Quezacotal Heiroglyps inside Temple of Quetzalcotal Ronny on the stairs at Temple of Quetzacotal Acolman Convent Temple of Quetzacotal #1 Temple of Quetzacotal #2 Temple of Quetzacotal #3 Temple of Quetzacotal #4 Columns in temple plaza, Avenue of the Dead Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan #1 Inside Temple of Quetzacotal Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan #2 Ronny beside column  Temple of the Sun, east face Close up of Pyramid Wall at Temple of Quetzalcotal View from the top of The Temple of the Sun pyramid Close up of pyramid markers? Ronny wore out climbing Temple of the Sun Heiroglyphs on wall, Temple of Quetzacotal Mark at Temple of the Sun doorway Temple of the Sun, front face Jaguar pictograph, Avenue of the Dead Volcanic stone carving on Temple, Pyramid of the Moon Temple of the Moon pyramid Mark wore out on Temple of the Moon pyramid Left view of plaza from Temple of the Moon Above temple walls Right view of plaza from Temple of the Moon View of Avenue of the Dead from Temple of the Moon Ronny next to huge stone on plaza Statue at Temple of Quezacotal Heiroglyphs atTemple of Quezacotal #1 Olmec Head statue Acolman Convent Frescos at Acolman Convent    Blue Agave plant (Tequila) Steps at the Temple of the Moon Current excavations at Temple of Quetzalcoatl Closeup of Pyramid of the Sun masonry



Abu Simbel (Queen Nefatiri) Abu Simbel (Ramses II) Abu Simbel (Ramses II) Donkey Ride Valley of the Kings w/ Guide Colossi of Memnon, Thebes Colossi of Memnon, Thebes Edfu Temple Edfu Temple Edfu Temple Edfu Temple
Giza pleateau by Horse Cheops Pyramid, Giza Giza Giza Base of Cheops Pyramid, Giza Giza temple Giza w/ Camel Sphinx at Giza Row of Sphinxes, Karnak Karnak Obelisk at Karnak
Karnak Karnak Karnak Karnak Karnak Smoking ??? on the Nile! Karnak Kom Ombo Temple Kom Ombo Temple Sunset on the Nile Philae Temple, Aswan
Me and Horus at Edfu Temple Philae Temple King Tut's Tomb, Valley of the Kings Deir el Medina (Valley of the Workers) Kom Ombo Temple Pyramid at Deir el Medina (Valley of the Workers) Giza Kom Ombo Valley of the Kings Luxor temple
Edfu Temple Karnak Short pillars at Kom Ombo Doorway to Ramses II temple, Abu Simbel Edfu Temple Philae Temple Wall at Giza Sculpture of boat at Kom Ombo Mosque at Aswan Downtown Giza Philae Temple Kom Ombo Abu Simbel


Upper ruins, Ollantaytambo Entrance to Temple of the Sun, Ollantaytambo Woman and Child, Pisac village Saqsayhuaman Machu Picchu The Intihuatana or Hitching Post of the Sun, Machu Picchu Masonry at Machu Picchu Inner court, Machu Picchu Pisac Masonry at Pisac Four trapezoid niches, Pukapukara Curved wall at Pukapukara 'Astronaut' petroglyph on mountainside, Nazca 'Tree' and 'Hands' petroglyph, Nazca 'Hummingbird' petroglyph on plateau, Nazca Terraces at Pisac (Notice ruins at mountaintop) Villager at Pisac Obelisk at Ollantaytambo Ampitheater (seating?) at Q'enko Ampitheater at Q'enko Limestone formations above Q'enko site Terraces (pyramid?) at Saqsayhuaman Masonry at Saqsayhuaman Gateway at Saqsayhuaman Wall at Saqsayhuaman Stairway at Saqsayhuaman Alpacas at Pisac village Inca baths, Tambomachay Trapezoid niches, Tambomachay Tambomachay Trapezoid niches at night, Chinchero Observatory, Machu Picchu Dorrway at Ollantaytambo Nazca pottery at Ica Pisac ruins Obelisk at Qenko Pisac ruins Nazca mask at Ica Center court at Machu Picchu Pisac ruins Water ducts at Saqsayhuaman Sacred Valley, Andes Mtns Pukapukara ruins Statue at Ollantaytambo Church at Cuzco
Urubamba River, Sacred Valley Cave under Qenko ruins Tambomachay, Inca baths Saqsayhuaman Vase at Chinchero Machu Picchu Pukapukara ruins


Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens #1 Mt. St. Helens #2 Bigfoot plaster footprint Eagles Cliff, WA (Gifford Pinchot Forest) General Store at Eagles Cliff, WA Bigfoot sightings at Eagles Cliff, WA Spirit Lake #1 Spirit Lake Pat at Mt. St. Helens lookout. Spirit Lake #3 Guy on steps to lookout Forest devastation #1 Pat & Forest Devastation Forest devastation #2 Forest devastation #4 Devon & Forest devastation Forest devastation #4 Pat, Guy & Devon forest devastation A standing tree Forest devastation #5 Forest devastation #6


Stonehenge, Maryhill WA built in 1918 Stonehenge #1 Stonehenge #2 Stonehenge #3 Stonehenge and the moon Stonehenge #4 Stonehenge #5 Pat at the monument stone slab Stonehenge #6 Stonehenge #7 Stonehenge #8 Pat at south face Stonehenge #9 Pat at the inner court

Horsethief Butte

Horsethief Lake sign at Columbia Hills State park Horsethief Butte canyon walls Petroglyph #1 Petroglyph #2 Petroglyph #3 Petroglyph #4 Petroglyph #5 Petroglyph #6 Petroglyph #7 Petroglyph #8 (similar to Ozette Wedding Rocks) Petroglyph #9 Horsethief Butte rock formations Pictograph #1 Horsethief Butte Pictograph #2 Pictograph #3 Pictograph #4 Pictograph #5 Pictograph #6 Tsagaglalal #1 (She who watches) Tsagaglalal #2 (She who watches) Pictograph #7

Click Here For Stonerose Video

Stonerose insects display Catherine the guide at the Interpretive Center The site sign The Stonerose Fossil Site Guy at the dig Marshall at the site Mark & Rob excavating at top strata Mark needs help at the top strata Alyssa checking specimens at table Sign at the site Guide indentifying specimens at Interpretive Center Guide indentifying specimens at Interpretive Center Specimen #1 Specimen #2 Specimen #3 Specimen #4 Specimen #5 Specimen #6 Specimen #7 Specimen #8 Specimen #9 Pat filming specimen for 'Expedition #3' DVD Miller's RV Park 'Base Camp'

MV Kalakala

MV Kalakala at Seattle on Puget Sound circa 1935 Kalakala on Hylebos Waterway, Tacoma WA MV Kakakala #1 MV Kakakala #2 MV Kakakala #3 MV Kakakala #4 MV Kakakala #5 MV Kakakala #6 MV Kakakala #7 MV Kakakala #8 MV Kakakala #9



Waihamea Bay Topper on Beach The Table Rocks LisaRocks.jpg (66140 bytes)

Trout Lake - UFO Skywatch

Mt. Adams from The Gililland Ranch, Trout Lake, WA Pat and Rob at Basecamp, Gililland Ranch Pat on guitar with Idaho ufologists UFO #1 UFO #2 UFO #3 UFO #4 UFO #5 UFO #6 UFO #7  Moving lines in the sky? UFO #8 Moving lines in the sky? Orbs at night (notice the group of orbs on the right) 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch 2007 Skywatch


Ozette / Wedding Rocks

Ronny at Cape Alava Fertility symbols Fertility symbol Main petroglyph on the Wedding Rock, faces & headresses Face #1 Unusual rock formation near Sand Point
A two-masted sailing ship Obelisk? Similar to Q'enko in Peru Mike F. with hunter spearing fish petroglyph Face #2  with headress, ET? Face #3 Orca #1
Orca #2 Face #4 Face #5 Orca #3 pregnant? Sunset at The Wedding Rocks Hunting with rifle? Main petroglyph at The Wedding Rock

Mima Mounds




Coke Ovens #1 Coke Ovens #2 Coke Ovens #3 Coke Ovens #4 Coke Ovens #5 Coke Ovens #6 Coke Ovens #7 Coke Ovens #8 Coke Ovens #9 Coke Ovens #10 Coke Ovens #11 Coke Ovens #12 Stariway to Cemetery #1 Stairawy to Cemetery #2 Rockwall at Cemetery Cemetery #1 Cemetery #2 Cemetery #3

Old Tunnel    Tarantula

Above the front door of the Alamo The front face Window on the left bank Left bank Original bullet holes where Daniel Boone was shot Front left
Alamo at night, we started Ghost hunting with SW Ghost Hunters Pat with Paranormal Equipment Paranormal device Electromagnetic device Front face at night (orb's?) Alamo columns

Meeker Mansion

Meeker Mansion built in 1890  Puyallup, WA Meeker Mansion #2 Meeker Mansion #3 Meeker Mansion #4 Meeker Mansion #5 Meeker Mansion #6 Meeker Mansion #7 Meeker Mansion #8 Meeker Mansion #9 Meeker Mansion #10 Meeker Mansion #11 Meeker Mansion #12


Oregon Vortex

The House of Mystery, Gold Hill OR. Shack #2 Old picture circa 1920 Entrance to the House Entrance to the House Compelled to stand at a 7 degree slant to the north
Free standing broom? Exit to the House of Mystery Pic1 notice height Pic2 notice height change

Sky Stone

The Sky Stone, Bonney Lake WA. Sky Stone Hole marker #1 on top Pat on the rock Hole marker #2 on top Crack or design?
Crack or design? Southside of the stone Hole markers on west side Hole markers on west side of stone Hole markers on north face of stone Hole marker #3 on top


Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caves, TX Caves #1 Caves #2 Caves #3 Caves #4 Caves #5 Caves #6 Caves #7 Caves #8 Caves #9



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