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Bass - Vocals

“I remember taking the last two strings off the acoustic guitars and turned them into basses, the family didn't like it very much."

Guitars - Vocals

"If the person in the back row is standing and clapping, then you're doing something right."

Guitars - Vocals

"There was always a right-handed guitar in the house, so being a lefty I had to adapt..."


early concert review archives

Dec. 1, 2000 w/ RATT at the Ballard Firehouse, Seattle.

Sponsored by Marlboro and KISW 99.9 FM.  Earlier at sound check the boys met up with the RATT guys only to be surprised by two original members left, Bobby Blotzer and Warren DeMartini.  They had Jizzy Pearl (ex-LA Guns) up front and John Corabi (ex-Motley Crue) on second guitar.  “Man, I remember watching you guys in concert back in ’90,” Mark says to Blotzer.  They took all the seating out and left everybody standing throughout the concert.  It sold out in one week leaving a block and a-half long line outside.  It was jammed packed all the way to the back of the establishment.  The Seattle Fire Dept. showed up making sure it didn’t break fire codes and capacity.  “They were really there for the show,” says Ronny.  “I seen a couple of them rockin’ out.”

Feb. 2, 2001 w/ BLUE OYSTER CULT at the Temple Theater, Tacoma.

Sponsored by PCI with KISW 99.9 FM and KZOK 102.5 FM.  The Temple is an old drama theater probably built around the turn-of-the-century.  It set the tone of the concert very well with its ornate designs and beautiful motifs.  “Geeez, this place is nice but I hope it all stays together after the show.  It’s like playing in a museum,” Pat quipped as touring sound company NAF stacked their mains.  The boys came on before BOC as the audience filled the pit and the balconies.  Very relaxed, they rocked through the set until the finale “Ground Up” leaving the crowd with a buzz.  BOC came on playing hit songs such as “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, Burnin’ for You” and “Godzilla” brought back memories to all.  They even played a couple new songs from an upcoming CD release.  They had original members; Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma and Alan Lanier with drummer Bobby Rondenelli  (Deep Purple).

Apr.  28 2001 NW GUITAR GIANTS at The Royal Bear, Algona.

The promoters of this performance highlighted three of the current guitar giants and their bands.  Randy Hansen (Tribute to Jimi), Roger Fisher (Heart) and Pat.  The three musicians knew each other for years finally getting together on one stage.  In preparation, Roger Fisher the original lead guitarist for Heart asked the boys to be his backline.  Weeks earlier, they rehearsed songs off his new 4 box set CD “Evolution” and also some old Heart stuff coming up with an impressive set.  The boys lit up the small crowd introducing cuts from their new CD “Mysterioso” and being called for two encores.  They stayed on stage as Roger joined them and filled the air with eclectic sounds.  Ironically the motion picture “Charlie’s Angels” was currently released with Heart hit “Barracuda” on the soundtrack.  They played it on the encore as headliner Randy Hansen joined them on stage, ending the set with standing ovations.  Just coming off a European tour, The Randy Hansen Band came on and the crowd went berserk.  A very memorable moment for the three guitarists.

Sept. 27, 2001 w/ RATT and HELLS BELLES at The Fabulous Firwood, Fife.

Sponsored by Southside Johnny and KISW.  This was a very interesting show.  Hells Belles the all girl AC/DC cover band was on a short tour with RATT as the boys were asked to jump on this show by the concert promoter.  It was a spur-of-the moment show not giving the boys time to prepare or advertise to their fan base.  “We didn’t even have time to contact our merchandiser, so there wasn’t any CD’s or T-shirt’s available,” says Pat.  The show turned out well despite the fact that RATT didn’t like the sound system and earlier refused to play.  After a long sound check the show went on.


Aug. 2, 2001 w/ URIAH HEEP at Ballard Firehouse, Seattle.

Sponsored by KZOK and KISW.  This was the Heep’s first US tour in a decade.  It was a surprise to all the fans because it wasn’t advertised until the day before the show as a free concert!  The Firehouse was filled to capacity in two hours and had an enormous crowd hanging out in front hoping to get a listen in.  The mix was better than the previous RATT show and the Heep didn’t take much room on stage.  “It got so hot that they opened the huge double doors (it was once an old firehouse turned into a rock club) as smoke and heat rolled out,” said Mark.  This gave all the people outside a chance to hear and see the show.  It turned into a huge party on the streets of Ballard.  Frontman Bernie Shaw had the crowd going all night.  They played their hits “Stealing” and “Easy Livin”.  “They were a real nice bunch guys, very professional and easy to work with,” says Ronny.  They had all original members.


Feb 1, 2002 w/ BLUE OYSTER CULT at The Temple Theater, Tacoma.

The 2002 BOC show was a special one.  Unlike last year, the boys got better acquainted with BOC as they hung out with them.  The atmosphere of the show was more relaxed due to preparation and stage management.  The boys used a new sound technician who dialed them in half-way through the first song.  This also helped the audio for the filming of “Ground Up” for the upcoming DVD version of “Mysterioso”.  Sterling Media filmed the entire concert using a two camera crew.  Local celebrity Vern Fonk (Rob T.) introduced both bands.  “I couldn’t believe Fonk introduced BOC as BTO!” says Pat.  “Ronny had to nudge him and tell him it was BOC, in front of a packed house.”  Everything else was virtually  the same as last year’s show except for Rondenelli’s drum solo and the party backstage.


Oct 4, 2002 w/ GREAT WHITE at the Firwood, Fife

Equipment failure got the best of the brothers on this one.  The show was delayed for about an hour and a half which put the LlanosBrothers last in the lineup.  After Jack Russell (Great White) performed their flawlessly hit packed set, the crowd quickly dissipated which left the brothers performing for a near vacant room.  "Shit happens", says Pat "Play the hand dealt to you, just don't fold".


Nov 15, 2002 w/ SKID ROW at the Firwood, Fife

Everything clicked, as the boys took the stage after the opening act.  The Firwood was almost filled to capacity leaving only standing room.  This was Melodie's third gig since Great White and the Festival in the Park.  They ended the set with the "Whatcha Believin/Ground Up" combo.  "She Freakin' Rocks!" says Ronny.  "She's already developing her own following." Then Skid Row hit the stage and ripped it apart with hit songs including "18 and Life".  They were called for 2 encores then finished the show.  The crowd was in a buzz afterwords. 



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